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Why Digital Displays are Advertising Powerhouses & How to Get One Working for You

You Can’t Argue with the Numbers It’s a proven fact that there is no more powerful way to advertise your business and services than with signage super-charged with a digital display. These signs go by many different names and acronyms:  Digital Display, Digital Signage, Electronic Message Center (EMC), Digital Message Center (DMC), and LED Display Signs, just to name a few, and they have various applications both indoors and outdoors, but one thing remains consistent. In a world of online advertising and information overload, these signs have risen to an exceptional challenge. They have become the most visually arresting, direct, targetable, flexible, and easily updatable method of communicating your message and disseminating your brand while effectively competing with all the visual noise created by the modern media assault. Digital signage is defined as any type of digital display – typically an LED, LCD, or plasma screen – connected to a computer or playback device. People report that advertising on digital signage catches their attention better than on any other media. These signs exist in the margin between conventional, highly effective forms of advertising like newspapers and billboards, and digital marketing like Google and Facebook ads. Because of their status between tried-and-true and next-big-thing, their incredible flexibility for application and targeting, and the positive social impression they create, they can earn their keep very quickly.     The Why and The How of Digital Displays Digital signs offer business owners the ability to intercept a target audience’s daily routine and then to weave a media strategy in to that commute. Rather than becoming a static part of the landscape, a...

Pecan Penny’s Bar>B>Q opens in Columbus with a Custom Menu & Custom Signs

No Pigs Allowed There’s a new Bar-B-Q in town, and Pecan Penny’s is really something. This project was obviously going to be different from the start when co-owner Brad Hobbs clarified upfront, “No Pigs.” He was referring to the sign design. Having worked with Brad and co-owner Kevin Burns on the neon projecting Walrus sign, just doors down on E Main Street from their new downtown venue, it was already obvious that they understood the power of great custom signs. The partners came prepared with a well-planned design and a vision of twinkling stars for the old Ray’s Fish Market pole sign. Normally twinkling would not be allowed by code in Columbus, but the Downtown Commission can override code if they deem it to be appropriate for the growth and culture of downtown Columbus. With the first hurdle crossed, a Certificate of Approval in hand, DāNite Sign Company focused on the mechanical task of twinkling. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star The first LED flash controller that was installed for the stars blinked far too fast, so one of the techs came up with a creative solution… turn signals. They hooked up the individual stars to the automobile controller for a left turn signal. While that worked great, it was still a tad too fast. The hunt was back on for a flash speed that Brad and Kevin felt would be safe for drivers, and further adjustable if necessary. Finally it was found in a 10-channel digital lighting system where the speed is controlled for each individual channel by the turn of a screwdriver. Problem solved! Below was the sign with...

Sign Stats Matter

Sign stats matter. A picture may say a thousand words, but the numbers tell a pretty compelling story too. We’ve assembled some telling sign statistics to share with you.

The Clock Is Literally Ticking

See how DaNite Sign added an LED Shot Clock to The Gateway’s huge basket ball backboard on OSU’s South Campus, for the “Take Your Best Shot” photo contest.

This is exciting…

Well this is exciting… DaNite Sign Company dominates the cover of the Matthews Paint brochure. We are proud to use this high performance paint, made especially for the sign industry!...

Signs of Early Voting

Early voting started on October 12th in Ohio. But Franklin County Board of Elections had one heck of a hurdle to cross in updating an existing sign first.

Vote DaNite

DāNite Sign Company has been nominated in Columbus CEO Magazine’s “Best of Business” 2016 Survey. If you love DāNite, please vote for us!

Not Your Average Slam Dunk

DāNite Sign Company builds and installs a 40′ tall basketball backboard for an ambient media campaign at the North Campus Gateway.

Leadership is about Luck.

DāNite president, Tim McCord, recently named as 1 of 3 finalists, for the Columbus Chamber Small Business Leader Award, shares his thoughts on leadership.

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