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DaNite Sign has been a leader in custom sign design and technology in Columbus since 1954.

Nobody stays at the top of their industry by getting complacent – we are always looking for new ways to innovate to save our clients money, improve design capabilities, and take care of our community and our planet.

Our solar-powered custom signage for businesses and organizations is just one example of how DaNite continues to innovate and provide forward-thinking solutions for our clients.

Our custom solar signage provides advantages over traditional custom signage, in terms of versatility, cost, and more!


The Versatility of Custom Solar Signage

One of the most common issues with powered custom signage in Columbus is also one of the most simple – where is the power coming from?

If your signage is far away from your building – a roadside sign, for instance – you necessarily need to figure out how you’re going to run power to that sign before you choose its location. This can make installation a costly additional expense.

In some cases, the availability of power may even change your approach to signage placement, and you may find yourself choosing a less-optimal placement for your signage, or having to trench some electrical lines, just to make sure it runs properly.

DaNite’s custom solar signage eliminates that issue entirely. You can place your sign wherever you like without having to worry about electrical wiring because your sign generates and stores its own power!

Solar panels can be built into the design of your sign, or if the sign won’t be sitting in direct sunlight, you can also have the panels sitting separately in a more convenient location. You can even use the solar power your sign generates to illuminate the sign itself or use it for spotlights on your sign, depending on your needs.

This means your custom solar signage can go anywhere and even stay lit during a power outage, or on cloudy or rainy days!

Savings and Efficiency

Let’s address the elephant in the room first – yes, custom solar signage will cost a little more upfront than a typical powered sign. But despite that, this is likely still a cost-saving investment in the long term.

Since your sign will be self-powered, you will see savings on your power bill, which will help offset the solar panel costs. That cost savings will show up even faster if you also avoid running an underground power line to the sign.

In addition, the new LED technology that powers these signs requires less energy and is more energy-efficient, so even the requirements on the battery and solar panels are lower!

Solar panels are extremely strong and reliable and carry a long warranty period.  Investing in custom solar signage really allows you to invest once and spend decades making your money back in energy savings with just periodic investment in battery technology to store the energy generated. That’s in addition to the good you’re doing for the environment, and the goodwill you earn from your customers and community for doing so.

A custom solar sign from DaNite Sign will look sleek and modern, and save you money for years to come. Contact us today to find out how the best Columbus custom sign company can design a custom solar sign for you!