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Signs for Bars, Coffee Shops and Restaurants in Columbus, Ohio

Now, more than ever, bars, coffee shops, restaurants and dining establishments have to set themselves apart. With so many dining options available, your place needs to stand out from the competition. Instagram, Facebook and social media are great, but nothing says “come on in”  like smart, inventive, eye-catching signage. If you want to attract more eyes and get more customers in the door, then look no further than the pros at DaNite Sign Company. Our Columbus sign company will create custom signage and branding for your restaurant, bar, coffee shop or dining establishment. With our signs and signage, we’ll develop a look that works with your current design motif and whets the appetite of anyone who sees them!

We’ve done Columbus signage for over 65 years. Quite simply, we like to think we do it better than anyone else. We work with your team to design, build and install your new exterior sign and any interior signage. The experts at DāNite Sign Company can help find the right signage for you.

At DāNite Sign Company, we have worked with countless food and dining venues – from small, cozy restaurants nestled along central Ohio’s quaint backroads to major Columbus-based chains like Bob Evans, a true icon of Ohio dining. Take a look at this vintage-looking sign we created for one of Columbus’ coolest barbeque joints.  We also create wall signs, tenant panels on pylon and window neons.

Columbus Bars, Coffee Shops and Restaurant Signs Have to Stand Out

We know the Columbus food and dining scene is vibrant and lively  – great national chains, fine dining, neighborhood places we’ve been going to for years, coffee shops, food trucks, food stalls, pubs and bars and plenty of other options. We are the sign company for restaurants of every stripe. We also know how competitive this industry is. You cannot afford to miss any opportunities. A patron who doesn’t come in the door is money that doesn’t flow into the cash register, one less tip for a server and one less post on social media that they stopped by. With our signs, digital menu boards, custom bar signs, menu boards, neon signs, coffee bars signs and pub signs, we have what you need to make your place pop!

The DāNite Custom Sign Process for Bars, Coffee Shops & Restaurants

At DāNite Sign Company, we put our decades of experience to work for you and make sure your business looks better than the other guy. Our custom sign design consultants work with your team to create the unique type of signage that represents your company’s brand. Our Columbus sign company will:

  1. Listen– We talk to you with no obligation and no cost. We show you our design options and give you a tour of our state-of-the-art facility.
  2. Design– Our design team takes your great idea or concept and creates a sign that will turn some heads.
  3. Permit- Time spent on paperwork and permits is time taken away from working toward a better bottom line. Our experts know the rules and will assist you with permitting.
  4. Fabricate– Our team at our state-of-the-art, 33,000 square foot facility will create a sign that matches the personality of your restaurant or bar.
  5. Install– Last but not least, our team of  expert installers erects your sign quickly, safely and with an eye toward making a lasting impact for your establishment.

At DāNite Sign Company we use local resources  when possible during the fabrication  and installation of your bar, coffee shop or restaurant’s signage. Your customers are our employees and friends. We know what it means to support our community and drive economic growth. Using local resources means more local jobs and more money flowing into the local economy. We are proud of our products and proud to make your bar, coffee shop or restaurant signage in Central Ohio. That’s been our commitment for more than 65 years and it’s not changing anytime soon. If you have, or plan to have, locations outside of Ohio, we work closely with all of our national install partners to ensure that you get a professional installer that will respect local rules and comply with safety standards.  This way you get the best of both worlds;  Consistent Columbus based design, fabrication and project management and a professional installation network throughout the USA and Canada!

At DāNite, our Columbus sign company offers a wide variety of signage and signage services, from what your customers see attached to the wall, to eye-catching signs that will bring people in the door. Want to improve, update or refresh your bar, coffee shop or restaurant’’s signage, the custom sign professionals at DāNite Sign Company can help. Use our MAKE A REQUEST button to set up a free consultation and let’s see what we can do together!