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Channel Letter Signs in Columbus

Channel Letters combined with a LOGO are commonly used signage for businesses and retail centers. Channel Letters have large individual letters that can be illuminated from the back (halo-lit), front (face-lit), or both.

DāNite Sign Company in Columbus creates custom channel letter signs, including face lit signs and reverse halo-lit signs. Not only can we help you design the sign, but our team will fabricate the sign in our facility and install it at your place of business. No matter how large or small the letters, or if it to be installed on a storefront or high-rise building, DāNite has been bringing these type signs to life since 1954. 

Benefits of Channel Letter Signs

There are a number of benefits of custom channel letters for your business, including:

  • Readability. Since channel letter signs are 3D, they can be read more easily, positively increasing its effectiveness. 
  • Design options. Channel letter signs are offered in different sizes, fonts, colors, and more so your business doesn’t lack design options to represent its brand.  
  • Lighting options. As outlined below, channel letter signs can be lit in a number of different ways depending on the effect you want it to have when mounted including options for color changing LED lighting.  
  • Mounting options. Channel letters typically are mounted directly to the wall, to a backer panel or on a raceway.  The best method depends on the site conditions and/or landlord requirements. .  
  • Great for brand building. Add a LOGO sign to your Channel Letters to increase your brand exposure on the front of your building or retail site.  

Retainerless Channel Letters

Face Lit Signs in Columbus 

Though fairly standard within the signage world, face-lit channel letters offer every potential for creative, attractive custom signage that utilizes various construction techniques and can produce multiple effects. This includes exposed neon (or LED tubing), solid-colored faces, white-outlines on dark-colored faces, color reversals and fades, and retainerless letters. In addition, when you opt for a custom channel letter sign for your building, visitors can locate your business quickly during the day or at night. Speak with one of our experts today regarding our capabilities and your many options with custom face lit channel letter signs.


Reverse Halo-Lit Signs in Columbus 

Reverse halo-lit channel letters can give your business a glowing review! This custom-channel letter sign spaces the letters away from a wall or backer panel, giving them a distinct face and sides and a translucent clear back, allowing them to support illumination. The interior lighting creates a halo effect around the letter and on the background. In contrast, the letter face remains dark and outlined with light, helping it stand out from the wall or mount. By choosing a custom reverse halo-lit sign, you give your business a distinguished or unique image.

Why DāNite Sign Company?

DāNite Sign Company can help you create custom channel letter signs to make your business stand out. Our team of Sign Design Consultants will walk with you through the journey of design, permitting, fabrication and installation.  We are a Columbus-based company that services many businesses and industries. We’ve installed signage of all types of organizations.. Send us a note from our MAKE A REQUEST and we’ll get you some ideas on the best next steps.   

Channel Letters Gallery


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