Channel Letters

Retainerless Channel LettersFace Lit

Face lit channel letters, though fairly standard within the signage world, offer every potential for creative, attractive signage utilizing various construction techniques, and can produce a variety of effects including: exposed neon (or LED tubing), solid colored faces, white-outlines on dark colored faces, color reversals and fades, and retainer-less letters. Speak with one of our experts today regarding our capabilities and your many options with face lit channel letters.

reverse-channel-lettersReverse Halo-Lit

Reverse halo-lit channel letters can give your business a glowing review! Reverse halo-lit letters are achieved by spacing the letter bodies away from a wall or backer panel. The channel letter has a face and sides, and a translucent clear back. The illumination inside the letter creates a halo effect around the letter body and on the wall or backer behind, while the letter face remains dark and outlined with light.

Channel Letters Gallery


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