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Medical Institution Signs in Columbus

There are few industries where clear and informative signage is more important than in healthcare. From massive exterior branding for hospitals to interior ADA signage with braille, it’s critical that patients, doctors, and providers are able to understand healthcare signs quickly and easily. If your Columbus medical institution needs new signage, the experts at DāNite Sign Company can help. We have created clear and attractive signage for everything from small family practices in business centers, to large healthcare providers such as Ohio Health, Mount Carmel, and Nationwide Children’s hospital systems. We work with all major hospital networks in Central Ohio to ensure that patients can confidently identify locations and important information such as entrances and emergency directions. Whether you’re starting your very own practice or are updating your hospital’s signs, our team can create attractive and clear signage for your medical institution.

At DāNite Sign Company, we understand that there’s no uniform solution to a medical practice’s signage needs. While one may need a doctor’s office building sign and hours on a door, another may need an entire sign package that includes a full parking garage package, interior signage, and an enormous main sign hanging 20 stories above the ground. We work closely with each client to determine their exact needs and establish a plan to see them realized. Our Columbus sign company can create a variety of signage for your medical institution, including:

  • Office Signs
  • ADA Braille Signs
  • Door & Wall Signs
  • Desk Signs
  • Wayfinding & Directory Signs
  • Exterior Identification Signs

The DāNite Custom Sign Process for Columbus Medical Institutions

At DāNite Sign Company, we know how important it is to have clear messaging in a medical institution. Our custom sign specialists work with you to design and implement clear signage that will inform and direct healthcare providers and patients alike. Sign Design Consultant will:

  1. Listen- Our initial designs and consultations come with no cost and no commitment, so you can see how the designs will look at your healthcare facility with no obligation.
  2. Design– Our experts work closely with you to hone our initial plans into a design you can be happy with while ensuring it will follow all local zoning requirements and messaging restrictions.
  3. Permit- Once a design has been decided upon, we help you file for and complete all the necessary permits and paperwork for your new medical institution sign.
  4. Fabricate– Within our 33,000 square foot facility, our design and building process captures the needs of your institution through the plan, materials, and implementation.
  5. Install– Our expert team installs your new medical institution sign safely and quickly, and is always available for service.

DaNite Sign Company strives to use as many local resources as possible when designing, building, and installing your medical institution’s custom signage. Our 33,000 square foot facility utilizes local resources for all elements of your project to reduce costs and assist our Central Ohio neighbors. DaNite Sign Company extends it reach throughout the United States and Canada by utilizing its coveted membership in a network of the best sign companies, the World Sign Associates.

When you work with DāNite Sign Company, you can expect kind, caring, and knowledgeable professionals who will create quality customized Columbus signage to fit your exact needs. Whether you’re updating your medical practice’s signage and designs, or need a complete overhaul for your healthcare institution, our experience allows us to create clear and attractive signs that will stand out. We have been creating, building, and servicing custom Columbus signs for over 65 years, and we use that experience to inform each and every project we complete. When you choose DāNite Sign Company, you can be confident that you’ll be treated with the utmost professionalism and care, while getting informative and attractive branding that will last.

At DāNite, our Columbus sign company offers a range of signage services, from huge exterior hospital branding to direct interior signs for dentists or doctors. If you’re looking to improve or update your Columbus medical institution’s signage, the custom sign professionals at DāNite Sign Company can help. Contact our office today for a free consultation or to learn all about our signs and services!