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Signs for Car Dealerships in Columbus, Ohio, and throughout the USA

Eye-catching signage and coordinated branding are crucial for car dealerships and companies in the auto industry that want to stand out from the competition. Automotive dealerships large and small rely on memorable signage to attract new customers and to present a cohesive brand for use in marketing across different platforms. Good signage is instantly recognizable and helps establish an identity that residents can grow to trust. If your Columbus car dealership needs new branding or updated signage, call the professionals at DāNite Sign Company.

Our Columbus sign company has worked with car dealerships that sell both new and used vehicles, from basic transportation to specialty dealerships and exotic sports cars. We have helped Columbus dealerships such as Dennis Hyundai, Toy Barn Cars, Germain Cadillac, and more update their branding and improve their visibility. We have also worked with countless other companies in the auto industry, such as tire stores, mechanics, and parts manufacturers to establish an improved brand identity. Our custom sign company can design, build, and install striking car dealership signage to refresh your company’s style. Whether you need a new exterior sign, updated existing signs, or a complete branding overhaul, the professionals at DāNite sign company can help.

DāNite sign company has been working with Columbus car dealerships and automotive companies to upgrade their branding for over 65 years. Our experience has taught us the importance of recognizable branding for car dealerships, and how it can improve your company’s visibility. Car dealerships are often sweeping properties and need pylon signs, large lettering, and clear directional signage to inform customers. Our Columbus sign company can help create new signage for your entire business that will present one unified brand across all usage. We navigate the complex codes and regulations surrounding properties zoned for car lots to produce quality signage that will last. We work with you to develop:

  • ADA compliant interior signs
  • Exterior signs
  • Building signs
  • Custom canvas signs and prints
  • Digital signs and displays
  • Vehicle wraps
  • Vinyl banners and lettering
  • Wayfinding signs
  • And more

The DāNite Custom Sign Process for Car Dealerships and the Automotive Industry

At  DāNite Sign Company, we know how critical memorable and recognizable signage is for your Columbus car dealership or automotive company to stand out. Our sign company works with you to design striking signage that will help attract new customers and present a cohesive brand identity. DāNite Sign Company will: 

  1. Listen– We provide introductory consultations and treatments with no obligation and no cost, so you can see how the design options will look at your location without having to commit. 
  2. Design– Our specialists work closely with your team to finalize initial plans into a branding solution that you’ll love.
  3. Permit- Once a design has been accepted, we help you file for and complete all the necessary documents and permits for your new sign, while adhering to all local codes.
  4. Fabricate– Within our 33,000 square foot facility in Central Ohio, our fabrication process makes sure that the identity of your organization is realized through the treatment, materials used, and implementation. 
  5. Install– Our custom sign team installs your new signage quickly and safely and is always available for service.

At DāNite Sign Company, we work hard to help our clients and community thrive, no matter what. That’s why we use as many local resources as possible when creating and manufacturing custom signage for Columbus car dealerships and automotive companies. Our 33,000 square foot facility utilizes local resources for every aspect of your project, to reduce costs and improve our community. If you live outside of Central Ohio, we work with our national install partners to guarantee that your new signage uses a professional installer who will adhere to local regulations and applicable safety standards. 

When you decide to work with DāNite Sign Company, you can rest assured knowing that you’re working with experienced professionals who will create beautiful, customized signage for your business. We help you understand the specific challenges of signage for car dealerships and then develop a comprehensive plan to address them. If your Columbus car dealership, tire stores, mechanics, or parts manufacturing company needs new signage or improved branding, the professionals at DāNite Sign Company can help. Contact your Columbus sign company today for an initial consultation and to learn more!