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Logistics, Industrial and Transportation Signs and Signage in Columbus, Ohio

For 65 years, DaNite has been the go-to provider for signs and signage in Columbus for Industrial warehouses, Manufacturing facilities and other commercial properties.  Signage takes on a various roles in many of our client facilities from creating brand awareness to creating an emotional connection with employees and helping provide a safe environment.  We have always taken great pride in our commitment to safety. That dedication applies to our own offices and warehouse and in the work we are proud to do for our partners and clients in the logistics, industrial, manufacturing and transportation industries. These are busy, bustling floors and everyone needs to have an understanding of where to go, where they are and, maybe most importantly, where not to go. Our signage is a vital part of that safety dynamic.  Our signs and signage offer bold, clear and easily-read directions and information for our logistics, industrial, manufacturing and transportation clients.

At DaNite Sign Co, we take our job seriously because we know that what we do and the signage we develop and install for your business is important. When we create our products, we work with your team to design, build and install your new exterior sign and interior signage. The experts at DāNite Sign Company can help find the right signage for you and your business or organization.

At DāNite Sign Company, we have designed and manufactured signage for transportation, logistical and manufacturing companies – from large international shipping companies and Fortune 500 heavy truck manufacturers to smaller, local moving companies. We earn their business and trust because we set the standard for creating and organizing strong wayfinding systems and creating big, easy to read signage for large warehouses. Logistics and transportation companies know we create the kind of signage they need – from post and panels directing traffic, to dock numbers and identification signs. 


The DāNite Logistics, Industrial, and Transportation Custom Signage Process

Our custom sign design consultants work with your team to create the unique type of signage that represents your company’s brand. 

Our Columbus sign company will:

  • Listen– We talk to you with no obligation and no cost. We show you our   design options and give you a tour of our state-of-the-art facility. 
  • Design– Our design team takes your idea or concept and creates a sign that will let those who see it have a keen and detailed understanding of the message with just a glance.
  • Permit- Time spent on paperwork and permits does not help you or your employees. Our experts know the regulations and will assist you with permitting. 
  • Fabricate– Our team at our state-of-the-art, 33,000 square foot facility will create a sign that works for your logistics, industrial or transportation business
  • Install– Our team of  expert installers erects your sign quickly, safely and with an eye toward prominence and visibility.


 DāNite Sign Company uses local resources for most aspects of the project. We work and live in the communities we serve, and we are proud to build our signs and products right here in Central Ohio. The men and women who work at your business are our friends and neighbors, too. We want to create the best, most durable and most visible logistical, industrial and transportation signs possible so they can be proud of where they work and stay safe. 

The whole process takes anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. A number of factors impact the timeline of when we start the custom sign process to when your signage is installed, including permit approvals with local officials and size and complexity of the project. Once enough information is gathered and permits are received, a promised delivery week will be established and communicated. 

At DāNite Sign Company, we are proud of our products and proud to make your logistics, industrial, manufacturing and transportation signage right here in Central Ohio. We have over half a century of history that proves our dedication and that unrelenting commitment to excellence is not changing anytime soon. We also create custom signs and signage for business across the Midwest and entire country. If you have, or plan to have, locations outside of Ohio, we work closely with all of our national install partners to ensure that you get a professional sign installer that will respect local rules and comply with safety standards. 

This truly gives you the best of both worlds. You get consistent, Columbus-based design, fabrication and project management with the DaNite Signage commitment to excellence. We couple that with a professional installation network throughout the USA and Canada! We exclusively partner with custom sign installation experts who share our dedication to safety and safe installation. Our team does not cut corners and we refuse to work with those who do. 

At DāNite, our Columbus sign company offers a wide variety of logistic, industrial, and transportation signage and signage services. Our products range from what your customers and employees see attached to the wall, to eye-catching signs that will bring people in the door. If you want to improve, update or refresh your signage, the custom sign professionals at DāNite Sign Company can help. Contact us today or use our MAKE A REQUEST button to set up a free consultation and let’s see what we can do together!