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Signs for Shopping Centers and Retail Stores in Columbus, Ohio and throughout the USA

An eye-catching sign is one of the most important components of a brick and mortar retail store. It helps advertise the business, establishes an aesthetic, and attracts new customers with a glance. Successful storefronts utilize a wide range of signs both in and out of their locations to increase visibility and present a cohesive brand identity. Attractive signage is a key element of owning and operating a successful retail establishment, and can have a significant impact on attracting new customers. If your retail store or shopping center is in need of new branding or signage, call the experts at DāNite Sign Company. Our Columbus sign company has created full signage programs for shopping centers and retail stores large and small. We work with you to design, fabricate, and install appealing retail signage to update your branding and ensure it sticks out. Whether you need a few new signs or a complete branding overhaul, the professionals at DāNite Sign Company can help.

At DāNite Sign Company, we have been trusted to develop new signage and branding for a range of retail stores and shopping centers locally and throughout the country. Projects have included small scale updates, LED retrofits and complete new signage programs.  

For over 65 years DāNite Sign Company has been helping retailers through challenges associated with updating their business’ brand or signage often while remaining open for customers. Because we know the impact of good signage, we will work with you to modernize your branding and keep your storefront looking fresh, on your timeline and within a budget. We offer total signage overhauls for landlords and businesses to help attract more tenants, design updates for aging brands, and consulting services to improve a location’s visibility. No matter the project, our team at DāNite Sign Company has the expertise necessary to design, install and service new signage for retail stores and shopping centers. We work with you to develop:

  • Sign branding programs
  • Storefront signage 
  • Channel letters
  • Pylon and Monument signs
  • Digital message boards/ Electronic Message Centers (EMC)
  • Illuminated cabinets
  • Tenant sign panels
  • Indoor retail signs, menus and environments
  • Lot lights and accent lighting
  • Directional signs
  • And more


The DāNite Custom Sign Process for Retail Stores and Shopping Centers

At DāNite Sign Company, we know just how important clear and attractive signage is for your retail store to stand out. Our sign design consultants work with you to create unique signage that will drive business and attract new customers. DāNite Sign Company will: 

  1. Listen– Our specialists provide initial consultations and designs with no commitment and no charge, so you can see how the treatment options will look at your location without having to commit. 
  2. Design– We work closely with your marketing team to hone our original ideas into a signage solution you can be confident will be impactful.
  3. Permit- Once a design has been approved, we help you file for and complete all the necessary documents and permits for your new sign.
  4. Fabricate– Within our 33,000 square foot facility in Central Ohio, our manufacturing process ensures that the personality of your organization is realized through the design, materials used, and implementation. 
  5. Install– Our custom sign team installs your new signage quickly and safely and is always available for service.

As a Columbus sign company, we’re proud to use as many local resources as possible when designing, manufacturing, and installing your new signage. With our 33,000 square foot facility, DāNite Sign Company extends its reach throughout the United States and Canada by utilizing its coveted membership in a network of the best sign companies, the World Sign Associates. DāNite Sign Company can use local resources for all aspects of your project to lower costs and help support our Central Ohio neighbors.

When you choose DāNite Sign Company for your new retail signage needs, you can expect kind, caring, and knowledgeable professionals who will provide quality customized signage for your business. We work with you to understand your landlord’s needs and your vision for your new signage, all while adhering to local code requirements. If your brick and mortar retail store needs a new identity or your shopping center requires an updated branding, the experts at DāNite Sign Company can help. Contact our office today for an initial consultation and to learn more!