Wall Mounted Signage

Projecting Signs

For wall mounted signs that stand out from the crowd, opt for projecting signage. DāNite Sign Company creates projecting signs that are customized to reflect your unique marketing, business culture, logo, brand or style. As a type of wall mounted sign, projecting signs can be attached to a building’s façade with a bracket or pole, and hang perpendicular to the building.



Marquee signs hit your horizontally! Typically theater oriented, marquee signs project horizontally from the wall, acting as an awning, wall identification sign and message center at the same time. Often flashy, with Tivoli bulbs or chasers (which can be LED these days), and including changeable copy or a programmable message center, a marquee sign is sure to draw the public’s attention.



Cabinet signs, also referred to as box signs, are durable and h3 for outdoor mounting, featuring a translucent face(s) that can be non-illuminated or internally illuminated. Cabinet signage boasts easy maintenance and allows your business to have a new face manufactured for the permanent cabinet when you are ready to update, upgrade or change styles. These simple, versatile and cost-effective signs are one of the most popular solutions for business signage needs.



Whether your business is two stories tall or upwards of 20 stories, a parapet sign might be the right option for your building. Attached to the parapet wall that protrudes above the roof of a structure, these signs are used on buildings from brownstones to skyscrapers. They are often seen on large warehouses, corporate buildings or at the top of skyscrapers, and DāNite Sign Company has the experience and equipment to install signage at this scale. Ask a DāNite representative if a parapet sign is the best choice for your building type.


Backlit/Halo Lit

Wall mounted backlit signage can make your message glow. Illumination from behind a sign, that casts a “halo” around the cabinet and on the wall to which it is mounted, creates a more visually appealing and stand-out sign. This handsome technique is often used as an accent and in tandem with face lighting or other illumination methods.



Non-illuminated signage is a cost-efficient, yet effective solution for many businesses. These simple wall mounted signs communicate your message clearly without being busy or distracting. Lack of illumination does not necessarily make a sign less creative or interesting. Often, these signs will fulfill the requirements of a restrictive code or landlord, or hang where identification is unnecessary after dark.


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