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Pecan Penny’s Sign in the DaNite Shop

No Pigs Allowed

There’s a new Bar-B-Q in town, and Pecan Penny’s is really something. This project was obviously going to be different from the start when co-owner Brad Hobbs clarified upfront, “No Pigs.” He was referring to the sign design. Having worked with Brad and co-owner Kevin Burns on the neon projecting Walrus sign, just doors down on E Main Street from their new downtown venue, it was already obvious that they understood the power of great custom signs. The partners came prepared with a well-planned design and a vision of twinkling stars for the old Ray’s Fish Market pole sign. Normally twinkling would not be allowed by code in Columbus, but the Downtown Commission can override code if they deem it to be appropriate for the growth and culture of downtown Columbus. With the first hurdle crossed, a Certificate of Approval in hand, DāNite Sign Company focused on the mechanical task of twinkling.

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

The first LED flash controller that was installed for the stars blinked far too fast, so one of the techs came up with a creative solution… turn signals. They hooked up the individual stars to the automobile controller for a left turn signal. While that worked great, it was still a tad too fast. The hunt was back on for a flash speed that Brad and Kevin felt would be safe for drivers, and further adjustable if necessary. Finally it was found in a 10-channel digital lighting system where the speed is controlled for each individual channel by the turn of a screwdriver. Problem solved!

Below was the sign with an automotive turn signal controlling the flashing stars, a clever solution but ultimately one that had to be changed out for something more adjustable. 

The Price is Always Right

Next up was the matter of an adjustable menu board. Protein prices have a tendency to change with supply and demand, so it was crucial to be capable of changing the portion pricing for meat with the fluctuating market. DāNite’s solution was an entirely magnetic menu board, allowing fully changeable prices, options, and specials. It can be customized at will! The simplicity and contrasting colors give the board high visibility, while the menu options themselves make it difficult to choose just one meal. Fortunately, the Downtown Sampler offers a little of this-and-that for the undecided.

Best BBQ Ever

Two patios & three garage doors make the seating areas feel wide open while weather permits.

Burns described the fare as “Central Texas Style BBQ; a small menu focusing on smoked meats and great sides, served in a fast-casual manner”. He said, “You just order, take a number and sit down. Then someone brings you your food.” During their initial soft opening he had diners telling him it was the “best BBQ ever” and that many had received their food in as fast as 10 minutes.

With 3 garage doors for warmer weather, 2 patios complete with fire pits for cooler weather, and a simple yet inviting 50’s diner-eqsue interior, Pecan Penny’s promises to be a popular destination spot year-round.  You can order from the full bar, get a brew from 10 local beers on tap, order a personal pecan pie, seasonal  cobbler, kool-aid pickle, or gorge on a full rack of baby back ribs with mix and match sides.

Wall graphics keep it interesting and add to the diner atmosphere.

The When and The Where

Friday and Saturday June 29th and 30th will launch a Grand Opening celebration all day, and the beginning of regular business hours:  Tues – Thurs & Sun from 11am to 12pm, Friday & Saturday from 11am to 1am. Closed Mondays.  Pecan Penny’s is located at 111 E Main Street in downtown Columbus, between 3rd and 4th Street. Make sure to visit soon to check out the great food, inviting atmosphere, and fully custom SIGNS!




The sign head is strapped to a trailer, ready to be delivered from shop to site for installation.


Written By:  Jennifer Bender
DāNite Sign Project Manager & Creative Director
614-444-3333 x216