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The Walrus Opens Downtown

Watch a video of the making of the retro style neon Walrus sign in downtown Columbus. It shows the signs journey through fabrication to installation.

What’s Your Vector Victor?

Often there is confusion about what kind of image files can be used for signage, but this article and printable pamphlet should help to clear things up.

The Making of The Walrus Sign

The Making of the Walrus Sign DāNite Sign Co. condensed weeks of manufacturing and the installation of the neon & LED illuminated, retro-style WALRUS sign down to a few short minutes so that you can see how the the entire process works, from start to finish. The Walrus is new a bar, grill, and live music venue, coming soon to Downtown Columbus,...

A Walk Down Memory Lane

DaNite Sign Company is a proud sponsor of the American Sign Museum. OSU’s Broad and High Series features them in an attached video.

COLD WEATHER CONSIDERATIONS FOR SIGNAGE (Because signs don’t like the cold either.)

As temperatures plunge, we dig out our space heaters, woolies, and mittens, and make dashes from car to door without much more in mind than the ice underfoot and the next place to enjoy heat. But there are a few considerations for your business signage and lighting that accompany the cold, and you may just be missing them in that mad dash for the door!   DIM OR PINK-ISH NEON Neon signs can be affected by cold, but it’s not the neon’s fault. Argon is lazy! “Neon” signs get their spectrum of colors from the combination of lavender-blue argon, red-orange neon, and white mercury vapor, pumped in different ratios into colored or clear glass tubes. Neon gas is weather hardy, but argon gas is cold sensitive. Argon’s name is derived from the Greek word for “lazy” or “inactive”. Even under the best of circumstances it requires a bit of mercury vapor to glow brightly. Argon’s atoms get sluggish under 45˚F and its light becomes weak; the mercury vapor condenses back into tiny droplets and its UV light is no longer emitted. In a cold “white neon” tube, the mercury quits and the weak lavender argon barely lights by itself, assisted only by a tiny bit of red neon mixed in for stability… hence the pink. Most neon signs will dim if it gets cold enough, but white neon is especially vulnerable. When ALL the tubes in your sign are dim or pink (often brighter near the electrodes where the gas is most active, as shown in the pic above) rest assured they will likely go back to normal as the temperature warms....

Print & Build a Christmas Sign!

Print and build yourself a Christmas Sign. Click the image, print, cut out your sign, and assemble. No tape or glue or mess! Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays from DaNite Sign Company!     1. Cut on the black lines. Fold on the grey lines. 2. Notch the flaps. 3. Slide the sign cabinet on to the pole and base. 4. Decorate your desk!      ...

DaNite Sign at the Short North Pole

READ THE ORIGINAL COLUMBUS DISPATCH ARTICLE HERE: http://www.dispatch.com/content/stories/local/2014/12/17/photo-short-north-pole.html “Rudolph evidently wasn’t available to keep N. High Street bright this holiday season, so the task fell to employees from central Ohio-based sign company DaNite. Workers rode in bucket lifts to investigate the light bulbs on the arches in the Short North. The employees tested the bulbs to make sure they were working properly and replaced them as needed to make sure the “Short North Pole” stays glowing for the holidays.”...

Top 10 Things to Consider When Re-branding Signage

You have smart new branding and it’s time for implementation. Everything from invoice headers, business cards, and email signatures, to the little favicon on your website browser bar will need to change. But swapping out the physical signage at your brick-and-mortar locations can prove to be the trickiest aspect of this undertaking! Whether you are set to pull the trigger on a national re-branding program, or you are contemplating re-branding your small business signs, the following considerations, addressed upfront, will help to streamline the process. 1)   Do you have a reputable sign company? Assign high importance to finding a strong regional player who can dedicate a single point of contact to manage consistency and quality in the manufacturing, permitting and installation details. Many “sign companies” are really just brokers. Avoid brokers! Tour facilities to verify the signs will be produced by an actual sign company. 2)   Do you have a vector version of your new logo? Jpegs, gifs, tifs and other forms of raster art cannot be enlarged to the size of a sign. Those file types go fuzzy and get pixilated when enlarged. You will need a logo in an editable pdf, ai, eps, or cdr format to retain clarity and resolution for large print and cut sizes. 3)   What physical signage do you currently have onsite, and what shape is it in? Can you save money by just replacing the faces, or is it time to replace the body of the sign too? If you don’t have detailed records of your existing signs, you may need a professional survey for attachment details, face sizes,...

A Valuable Asset to the State of Ohio

Treasurer, Josh Mandel, sent a representative to award DaNite Sign for participation in National Manufacturing Day 2014 saying, “Your dedication to manufacturing & economic development makes you a valuable asset to the State of...

Mayor Coleman Unveils Doutt Reservoir Monument Sign

Columbus Mayor unveils DaNite Sign Company’s latest monument sign at the John R. Doutt Upground Reservoir in Richwood, OH, saying, “No drought with Doutt”! Look closely and you will see DaNite Crane Operator, Ray T, pop up from behind the sign.

The Depot Signs

Two signs on the road today to be installed at a new student housing complex on Akron, OH called “The...

Money Matters Magazine

In anticipation of their enormous new 32’ x 40’ semi-transparent downtown video board, and in honor of our new banking relationship, Heartland Bank has featured DāNite Sign Company and its owner, Tim McCord, on the cover of their Money Matters...

New Sushi Bar

Check out our sign at the new sushi spot in downtown Columbus. Rishi Sushi Kitchen & Bar is located at the corner of 3rd and...

Sales Perk

Sign Design Consultant, Sean Stazen, brings more than great client relations to the DaNite environment!

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